Does he like me, even though we just met?

okay so I just recently started working at this store and my boss told one of the employees to train me. So she pulled me toward him and told me who he was and vice versa. he said hello he started grinning like really hard, and I thought he was really cute, so I kinda got really shy. (he has a British accent) I got this like, instant attraction towards him. he asked me questions like "how old was i", "do I go to school", "is this my first job" , you know question's like that.. so we eventually got onto the training at the cash register. every time he would talk, he would smile, but he would avoid looking me in the eye, even though I was looking right at him. and when I wouldn't be looking at him while he's talking to me, he would look at me. which has me confused. ... but anyway...after the training and stuff was over, he would leave the front so he could stock the shelves. sometimes I would really f- up at the cash register, so I would call him over, and usually all the over employees take at least 5 min to finally help me, but he like runs up to the front to help me, and I would show him the problem on the cash register screen and he would come really close to me, like there's not even an inch between us, he would fix the problem, and he would like look at me, smile,and be like, " do you need anything else" then I would get all shy and say no, thank you. and he'd say, "okay cool, just call me when you need me okay? :) " he would check in on me if he hasn't heard from me in a minute. then he would station himself near the front of the store so he could stock the front. and every once in a while he would satre at me while I'm at the cash register, and when I would catch him doing that, he would look away reaaly quick. them when the days would be slow, I would leave the front so I could put stuff back (you know when people bring up stuff to buy at the register and then they say they don't want it anymore, so we have to out it back for them.)he would watch me walk past him. . I have more stuff about this but I'm running out of space.. anyway what do you think it is?


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  • He likes you. probably just shy and wanting for the right time to make an advance. You can speed up the process by asking a question like "do you have a gf?" or buying a candy and give it to him as thanks for helping u, but then say that you want some. then you talk ova shared candy. gudluk!


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