Which is a more important: looks or personality?

Narrowing it down to either personality or being attractive which is more important to you in dating or marriage material? (Obviously I understand both are important but if you had to choose one more vital?) And is there a difference in who you evaluate as date material vs marriage material?


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  • I could date a stupid beauty (I did), I 'd never marry her.

    I married an attractive woman with lots of personality. Every woman in your age category can be attractive in some way or another.

    Someone who marries another because of his/her good looks, and despite his/ her mean character/stupidity will discover after a number of years that the looks are gone but that the character/stupidity still are very present and are making life together impossible.

    • Correction: Every woman in ANY age category can be attractive in some way or another to people in her age category.

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  • Looks change and fade, personality goes on forever. Hotties are nice to date or have a fling with, but it's the personalities that make being with them fun.


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  • I don't mind dating [or hooking up] with a guy simply because of his looks and he's attracted to me, but he just can't be a jerk. And for marriage I of course have to love his personality, interests, beliefs, etc. but I also have to be at least a little physically attracted to him.

  • I think that personality is way more important then looks.. as people get older people won't be as atractive as before.. personality will always be their I considere personality as being important when finding the right person to get married 2.

  • They are both as equally important as each other. You should be attracted to a person for there looks and personality.

    As long as you are attracted to them, you get on well, share the same interests and are happy then that is what is important. You should never judge anyone on their looks and before you get to know them.

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