Should I tell her that she should tell her boyfriend?

My best friend is bisexual and she comes from a religious background and she has never told anyone else this besides me not even her boyfriend mostly for fear that people will look at her in a weird way

Now my question is should I tell her that she should tell her boyfriend because part of me thinks I should because I have feelings for her and if he freaks out this will only make me look good and him like a a**hole but on the other hand that could cause her a lot of pain and I would never want her to be in any pain what so ever but then I start thinking if her boyfriend wouldn't accept her for who she is why would she want to still date him

so my question is should I just not get into this or tell her what I think?


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  • That's a really bad idea.

    You really think he will look like the a**hole in that situation?

    No you will! because she trusted you with her deepest secret and you told.

    Trust me, you will only damage you and her relationship and you will have no chance at all.

    I don't think you should involve yourself in her relationship.

    When she feels comfortable enough with her boyfriend, she will tell him.

    If you want a great chance at ever being with her, you have to let it be known how you feel about her.

    If she feels the same about you, maybe she will give you a chance in due time.

    But do not interfere in a relationship that isn't yours.


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  • Doing so would make you a selfish jerk. She's your friend, so treat her like one. Trying to cause her relationship to end so that you can "swoop in" and date her isn't what friends do.

    It's up to her to decide if and when she wants to tell him and if she wants to date someone who might not be accepting of her sexuality.


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  • Imo...absolutely not. Something such as sexual orientation is something that SHE probably doesn't fully understand yet. She may be bi-curious and going through a "phase".

    Im almost certain you understand the social, psychological, and family implications of announcing to people that you have a non-hetero orientation. That is a HUUUUGE step.

    Taking that step for her is such an insensitive a**hole-y thing for you to do.

    This is HER situation with HER self-being; let her handle this on her own terms.