What are insecurities in women that are common and me have to look out for?

i know women behind all that make up are just people. I know they trying to be confident and happy but they've had their share of pain and suffering that confused them or made them bitter. I once joked to a girl about her being fat even though she was skinny and she lashed out at me pretty hard. What are some things women obsessed about that I shouldn't make fun or. what are some of your fear and insecurities, ladies ..


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  • Here are the top 5

    Pick at her blemishes. ( zits...coldsores...etc)

    When you call her ideas and beliefs stupid.

    When she worked hard on something and you ignore or ridicule it.

    When she goes out of her way to do something for you and you slander her.

    When you compare her to other girls.

    Other things.

    When you rate her appearance below an 8.

    When you say her favorite fragrance smells bad.

    When you let your friends ridicule her.

    When you underestimate her.


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  • Am I stupid?

    Am I fat?

    Am I ugly?

    Does he like me for me or does he only like the possibility of having sex with me?

    So my recommendation, never talk to a woman about her physical appearance until its obvious that she wants you to compliment her looks and her body.

  • Weight, cheating, womanizing. All big red flags for me that make me want to run.

    • describe womanizing

    • There's a guy I know who consistently tells me we're going to get married...but only when he turns 30, and in the meantime he wants to be able to date other women. He is dead serious and keeps insisting that it will be better this way. I can't tell if he's joking or not, but he'll never go on a date with me now.

    • that called selfish stupidity , he doesn't know anything about women. you should have wisened him up by telling him hell never find a women that way

  • weight is always a sensitive topic. If you joke about any girl being overweight (or even skinny) it can hurt their feelings. another thing you should be careful about is height. If it is a friend and you are joking about her being short or tall it isn't usually a big deal, but if she has feelings for you, it could really hurt her. Mainly, girls just have body image issues.

  • Weight is always a big issue with girls, as it is with everyone. I was always really thin and was never able to put on much weight and got picked on a lot in high school, so that's always a sensitive topic for me.

    But you're right- we're just people like guys are just people, so any insecurities you could have, we could have.


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