Ladies and Gentlemen...please have a look at this issue.

This forum gives us platform to share opinions of the people all around the world. People around the world invest their time and share their opinions.

I have observed that, some of the people(including me), forget to choose the Best Answer.

So I spared some time and selected best answers. Please do the same so that your fellow members will feel rewarded by the fact that you at least care to select the Best Answer.

If you always choose Best Answer after getting enough opinions, then I congratulate you to be so careful and rewarding.

Have great day/ Good night. (choose that applies to you:-)

  • I have selected Best Answers from all the question I asked till date
    Vote A
  • I have not selected Best Answers
    Vote B
  • I have selected some and other are pending.
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I just went through answers given by me.

I have answered 53 questions in total. Out of those 53 askers, only 11 askers have cared to choose BA.

Remaining 42 askers have not chosen any BA. M not asking to choose mine. Atleast choose someone's answer. Its symbol of courtesy towards your fellow members.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I select BAs. Almost all of my questions are selected.

    And yes I hate when people don't have enough care to pick a BA. I find it careless and selfish. Specially when the users really go out of their way to provide good answers.

    Good point and 5 stars


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What Girls Said 2

  • I usually don't choose BA right away, but every once and awhile I'll go back and choose BA for all the questions that I haven't yet. It usually ends up being months after I initially asked the question.

  • thanks for the reminder...i sometimes do forget...


What Guys Said 1

  • I have not and I care to not give the best answer. I think the only time I might give a best answer is if it gives no opinion but more facts to add to the OP.

    I see no reason to give best answer based on opinion. That just seems... foolish. It seems to perpetuate popularity or only reaffirm an opinion of mine instead of necessarily giving the best written answer and even then most would just look at the Best Answer and then no other answers. Not fair to others. So meh.

    • If you are so confident about your opinions, you should not ask question at all.

      And please don't be silly. "perpetuate popularity" lol.

      This is a website. Not a presidential election. And no one gets rich from BA.

      Its just motivation. I dnt think you understand these stuffs. Keep it up.

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    • Okey...then I accept my mistake of misunderstanding you. M Sorry.

      But I, too, don't care about XPER.

    • Cool, I never got people's care about it. Sure you can get some amazon card or a t-shirt or something, but I never cared.