I'm a girl and people always tell I look like I'm solid. What do they mean?

I'm not a skinny girl. I don't work out, I would even say I'm a little chubby. People tell me I look "solid." Ugh. I hate that I think of a guy when I hear that! I do have broad shoulders ... muscular legs. One person said I look healthy, like I'm in shape. However I feel so manly when people say that. I have a muscular tone, but it just makes me feel so ungirl like :(. Is solid a food thing?


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  • Fat is flabby and soft.

    If you're a naturally bigger girl but a healthy one nonetheless then in contrast to this squishyness you'd be solid.

    Its a good thing. A lot of big girls are pretty paranoid about their size, they might think that a girl to actually complimented about it will make them feel good

    • I'm around a size 8/10, so I'm an average size. But I do have broad shoulders. Yeah I'm sure its meant as a compliment. I wouldn't take it as bad, but it's not necessarily good either.

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  • solid like you are strong like to beat a guy jk

    idk I think its just you, offcourse you are girl,

    i think they you mean you are strong girl


    • No ... LOL. I think it does mean I look like I could beat someone down. LOL. But who knows. I do carry muscle even when I don't work out, but it makes me feel a little manly

    • I think just be happy in what you are.

      u look like manly hmmmmm.

      what you can do, use makup, long hair, wear something like in which you look more girly..

      enjoy the way you look :)

  • pics please?

    • I just want a basic understanding of what people mean when they say "solid." I don't really need validation or criticism on my literal body.

    • In real terms you maybe just fat and you know it

    • Ya see that is what I'm also wondering.

  • It's lack of a better term to describe what you are. I don't know anyone who says solid. Maybe think of it contextually.

    • Yeah I've heard that only from girls that I look "solid." And from a lot of them. Maybe it's a way girls describe people. I don't really use the term either. Guys will joke that I "can kick their ass" or that I have surfers shoudlers. It's not meant meanly ofcourse, but it can make me feel a little unfeminine

  • Got some extra meat on ya bones, which can be hot.

  • It really depends on how they say it. If I tell a girl she looks solid, to me, that means she's good looking. She's attractive.

    Think of it like this.

    Hey, man... how is your fantasy football team doing this year? They're doing solid.

    The fantasy team isn't amazing, but they aren't bad. They are better than good though, they are solid.

    As for is solid a food thing? Sure... haha. If I was to tell you that you looks solid, then yes it is a good thing. But that's just me. I don't know about other guys.

    • Thanks for your imput! Yeah it means different things to different people for sure

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  • That you have more meat on you then the avg girl but no extra skin for it to flop around.

    • Ok I appreciate your imput cause it's usually girls who tell me this! thanks for your imput! Yeah I'm defenitly not skinny. I think I have a lot of fat on my body. Guys say things like I could kick their ass, I look strong. However, I don't really see this as a compliment. Which guy do you know who said the girl of his dreams looks like she could tackle him to the ground. Yeah ... LOL. Not many. But looking like I don't have extra skin is not bad, I'll take it :)