What do I do about this girl in college class...?

First off, I can tell she is extremely shy. She hardly ever talks and she just smiles when something funny happens so maybe thatll help.

Anyway. There is a girl that looks at me every class which is 3 times a week. every time I walk in the classroom, we make eye contact but we usually look away at the same. Shell randomly glance at me while she is looking around too.

But there is something wrong, I've seen her walking around with this ither guy twice and I have no idea if they are boyfriend/girlfriend or what the helll is going on. So that's the main reason I Haven't tried to get close to her.

I had an opporunity in class to make a move because our female professor said "I want all the guys to pick a new seat so if there is a cute girl this is your chance." and I really thought about it but I just couldn't do it.

I kinda regret not taking the chance but I have no idea what the hell to do.


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  • Don't regret, just go and introduce yourself or ask about something whenever you make eye contact. If you don't move, she might think you're not interested.

    You say that she's shy. Are you comfortable starting a conv. with her, or you're little nervous too. Forget about the other guy, if they are something, let her tell you, don't assume.

    • We are both shy..

    • okay, so that explains slow start ;)

      can you just go and introduce yourself, or ask something about class, if you're interested in someone in your class, waiting for perfect timing or incident is a bad idea. Just talk about something, could be few lines only, but you should get started asap ; or else she'll definitely think you're not interested.

    • This guy knows what he's talking about, I experience the same thing you do with being shy... but the best advice is going to be this advice right here. You just have to go out there and step out of your comfort zone.

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  • He can be a friend, or some random guy that is just walking with her, or a classmate, or a teacher!

    You say she is shy, and from the point of view of an extremely shy girl, I tell you that she might like you a lot, but is trying to ignore you. That is what I do the most of the time. When I like a guy, I ignore him the most. I can talk with anybody, I can keep eye contact with anybody, but with my crush, no.

    If you have classes 3 times a week with her, ask her for homework, exams, projects. Try to get a little bit early to class, to see if she is there and talk to her. Good luck!


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  • Step 1: Go sit next to her.

    Step 2: F***in talk to that sh*t.

    Step 3:?

    Step 4: Profit

  • now or never before a douche bag wins her