Acquainted with her, but she looked down as she walked past?

I met this girl few weeks back, we even had a short conversation during a ice breaker in class. We both attend the same lectures twice a week. I know her physical presence, she knows mine.

Yesterday, after a lecture we both attended, and she knew I was part of, I was walking back home. See, as I was on my way, I saw her approaching from a different path and heading towards me. I was looking at her eyes to sort of give her a smile and offer a friendly wave as a polite gesture, but when she looked at me, she immediately looked down and continued on her way. Why did she give me the cold shoulder? I have done nothing to offend her, and it hurt me a little because I think I am attracted to her.

Any hints ladies?


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  • Possible Hints:

    (1) she isn't interested

    (2) she's preoccupied with something major/embarrassing and doesn't want to see or be seen

    (3) if you only met her once, she might not recognize you

    It depends on how often you actually interact with her... My money's on one or 2 based on your current description.

    • She was eating an apple, lol

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    • I really hope it was her feeling embarrassed about eating the apple, and thanks for your pov.

    • NP. Hope it's helpful. People tend to internalize and think it's something they did rather than to consider that it's possibly the way the other person was raised or what that person is going through in his/her life. Hang in there. Hope she says "Hi" next time. :-)

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  • Either she just found out she has a brain tumor and she was consumed with worry, or she wishes you'd die and go to heaven (or worse).

  • thats pretty cold but I think she was kinda avoiding you, or didn't take much from the convo together to try build a little rapport with you.

    IMO, you can take two routes.

    1.) forget about it, and forget her, talk to other girls in the class or whatever

    2.) next time you see her one on one, or walking past you and she avoids you again, sorta loudly say "hey what's up?!" with a smile and grab her attention. if you guys talk, maybe playfully call her out on it saying "hey, why you acting like you don't know me or remember me from class?" if she continues to act cold and that she doesn't care, just leave her alone.

    the second route I think may be kinda difficult, but you could try it. it depends on your confidence level. I am interested in hearing what the girls think about this.

  • Here is some honesty.

    Girls that age are about social climbing. I would get some self respect and just blow her off, even if it means walking home alone.

  • i think she was avoiding you. Probably sort of freaked out by you. I creep girls out often and that's how they react towards me too. They probably don't want anything to do with you lest you get the wrong idea. Not putting you down buddy but just sharing my own experiences.

    • I've never been in a position to creep her out, but thank you for sharing.

    • what I meant was that it's fairly likely that she doesn't find you attractive and is afraid of you falling for her.

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