Is it just me or do guys and gals want the EXACT same thing in a significant other?

I was thinking the other day and started looking at what guys and girls look for in a significant other. I considered some of the obvious things and some of the things that I personally look for that some guys would be embarrassed to admit. Here's a list of what I THINK guys look for in a girl not in any order, just a randomized list:

Some obvious ones:

-A sense of humor

-Good moral values

-Can challenge me mentally

-Musically inclined or plays sports is a plus but not necessary

-Cares about her body

-Knows what she's doing in life

-Someone who I can share a deep conversation with

Some that I know I look for:

-Can hold me when I'm at my lowest and..

-Can pick me up when I'm down.

-I can spend Sunday morning cuddling with (I LOVE that sh*t).

-Can let me be a man but understands that I'm also human.


-I can bring her home to my family.

-Enjoys candle-lit dinners and late night star gazing... seriously... (im a romantic)

-Lastly... Can make a bomb-ass sandwich! (jk but knowing how to cook is good. I can cook well, so its not necessary)

Those are just a few that came to mind.

So ladies which ones do you agree with and what would you add? Please, no hate from the guys telling me I'm a F** because you can't deny that cuddling's the sh*t!


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  • Men and women like many of the same qualities, but will tend to prioritize them differently.

    Also, I think you'll find trying to find a few of those things in most women will lead you to the friend zone.

    • Which ones?

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    • "Can pick me up when I'm down."

      that one?

    • Yeah. Once in a while sure, long term ...

      Women can do mommy mode or lover mode. They don't flip back and forth too well.

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  • I agree with most of those to some degree but kheserthorpe also has a good idea on the subject.


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  • its just you mate

  • it seems like they do

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