Having trouble finding these accessories/items (LONG).

To start this off, I'd like to say that I'm not happy with my physical being at all, for several reasons; three of which are my head, hands, and feet. My head is about the size of Jupiter, my hands seem to be as big as baseball gloves, and I need shoes bigger than what Bigfoot would wear. This creates a problem in each area, because it's difficult to find any hats, gloves, or shoes in my size; it's nigh impossible to find any of these in my size, in my budget, and in a design/style that I like.

My hat size is a XXL, and I like Fedoras, Drivers/Newsboys, and Military/Army Caps. My glove size is XL (which admittedly isn't that hard to find online for a basic glove) and I prefer a driving glove in the fall or a thin cold weather glove when it gets nice and frosty in the winter. The biggest issue, however, is the shoes. My shoe size is 14 4E. I can find plenty of shoes in this size, but again, I don't like the look of most of them, and they are for the most part very expensive (I'm talking upwards of $130 for a quality, good looking shoe in this size, sometimes over $160).

Here's what I usually wear:

Fedora/Military Cap (I don't have any Drivers/Newsboys yet).

Button down shirt of appropriate sleeve length for time of year.

Matching T-Shirt underneath the button down shirt.

Light or Dark jeans (depending on the color of the shirt) that are always 3 inches too long. I fold (not roll) the extra 3 inches at the bottom upwards so that the inside of the pant leg is facing outwards creating a contrast between the dark exterior of the jeans and the lighter interior of the pant leg.

Winter/Fall: My leather jacket, black with the collar of a button down shirt which lies flat

Shoes: depending upon the occasion, either my only pair of casual shoes which are a pair of grey, white, and red Nike sneakers, or a pair of black dress shoes. The dress shoes can be worn with a casual outfit, but only if the outfit includes pants (duh). The design of the dress shoes is such that they are in between formal and casual, or are not flashy/ornate.

Gloves: I have a pair of Thinsulate gloves at the moment which serve their purpose but annoy me because the glove fans out from my hand about 3/4 of an inch down the base of my palm. This bothers me because the wrists of the gloves never stay in the sleeves of my jacket and are constantly popping out. This looks rather silly.

I prefer darker/low key colors that don't grab a lot of attention, which is most likely part of the problem. I've done quite a bit of searching over the past day or so, but I haven't found much to work with, and my budget isn't helping. I don't really want to spend more than $45-50 for a hat, and I'm trying to avoid breaking the $100 mark for shoes. I was wondering if the good people of GaG know of any large clothing accessory sites which cater to people with large extremities.

I've looked on ShoeBuy, Zappos, Amazon, and a few others but haven't had much luck save for gloves.



The brim of the Fedoras I wear are all 1" or less. A larger brim would make my head look bigger. The reason I like the design of the Newsboys/Drivers is because they stay close to the head except for the brim. The same goes for Military Caps, which is what I prefer instead of a baseball cap.


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  • Most of my shoes are over $300. Suck it up. It doesn't matter what size feet you have, you're not getting quality shoes for $100. I have some below that, they are indeed crap though some look okay for a short time.

    I question your decision to wear brimmed hats as a staple fashion item given you feel your head is disproportionately large.

    I live in Canada. You live in texas. I wear gloves about 5 times a year. What is wrong with your circulation? Most 'serious' winter gloves are designed to go over the sleeve, not under. Also serious winter gloves are pointless, since if its truly cold you want a mitt. In any case, if you want something leather with a cashmere or wool lining, chester jefferies out of the u.k. will make made to measure gloves. You photocopy or trace your hands, send it to them, they make the pattern - charging you once for that process. After that you pay normal price for their gloves and just tell them to use that pattern.

    How tall are you? The rolled pant leg adds heft and makes you look grounded, but also makes you look a little shorter. If you're tall, it probably 'works' if you're short you might want to not do it.

    • 1) Do you get your shoes custom fitted at a shop? I've never seen casual designs go for that much anywhere that I can remember. Formal yes, but not casual.

      2) The gloves are more of a personal preference, as are the hats. It doesn't often get too cold in my area of Texas, but when it does a moderately thin glove does nicely (mainly to block the wind)

      3) I'm 6'2" tall, so the rolled pant leg works out well. I do it because I like the look of it, and I don't like my socks to show when I sit.

    • I'm talking welted shoes. Some are casualish, but not like athletic shoe casual. Actual bespoke shoes I'd guess start at around 1k. Though one day you might consider some if you has trouble. Note they would be resoleable. If you like ankle boots RM Williams does made to order. They might do your size. That would cost hundreds, but again be a good quality resoleable.

      Chester Jeffries would e the type of glove you want.

    • Thank you for the information and your help on the matter, sir. I greatly appreciate it!

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  • [Fedora/Military Cap.] they are Fedora's but not sure about the Military part






    [Military/Army Caps]


    [jeans] (be careful with all measurements because if you make a mistake it'll show up in the jeans.) www.makeyourownjeans.com

    [Button down shirt] link

    [Gloves] link (the same site as the shirt)

    link (these gloves look like they have an adjustable strap)

    I can't really help with shoes because I only buy them when my old ones ware out which can be 1-2 years although I might need winter boots if I can't find my old ones.

    • oh as a side note. I have wide feet and for years I've been buying size 9 shoes tell someone suggested I get 8 or 8.5 wide and they fit way better. you might have a similar issue.