HELP! How to look my age?

I have a perpetual baby face. People are always calling me "darling" or "sweetie," even strangers call me this--it's weird and I know it has to do with my face. I guess it doesn't help that I dress very conservatively--most days, it's jeans, sneakers, and a neat sweater. But it is starting to bother me because whenever I tell people I'm 22, they say "NO WAY!" It worries me because I would like to be taken seriously as an adult and I don't want people, especially job interviewers, to think I am inexperienced. I am very capable and have always performed extremely well in past jobs and internships, but one time, a co-worker told me that another co-worker thought I looked 15! I know she wasn't being mean or anything, but I was seriously offended when I heard that.

I've only started experimenting with make up (and I just hate it!); it helps a bit but I think maybe I need to upgrade the wardrobe too and get a haircut or something. The thing is, I would like to enter the entertainment industry. I've worked with film production companies as a script girl, crew member, Girl Friday, etc., but as you know, the entertainment industry is quite vain, and in interviews, I'm always going up against girls who dress quite flashy. Many of the interviewees tend to be male and well, yes, I have noticed this, but they can sometimes be swayed by a short skirt or a low cut top (sick, I know!); when they look at me, I know what they are thinking: she looks like a teenager; is she in the right place? Anyway, I don't want to whore my way into a job (I think that's gross); my resume is quite stellar and I have a lot of experience, but what if they never get to my resume because I look too young and they just drop me then and there?

What hairstyle do you recommend for a 22 year old? (most days, mine is up in a ponytail or a messy type of bun) And wardrobe? (preferably stylish, but classy and sophisticated, nothing flashy)

EDIT: typo--I meant "interviewers" obviously


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  • Heres some things I would suggust to do that would make you look older:

    1. Shorter but sleek and stylish haircut (ex: A-line bob)

    2. Clothes that are not as casual but show others that you are a professional and beautiful woman. Pencil skirts, blouses that give you an hourglass figure, heels, stockings, blazers, cardigans. The key is to look sexy and not sleezy by showing a little skin but not too much. If you've ever watched "what not to wear" , one of their prime goals is to help women look fashionable and professional. Try watching an episode and seeing if the tips they are giving the woman will also work for you.

    3. Go to a make-up counter at a department store and explain to them you want to look older and want simple and sleek make-up tips that won't take a long time. They will do your make-up for you for free and give you tips and suggestions! I would suggest going to the Lancome or MAC counter.


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  • If it's in your face, be happy with it. As long as you have your ID to prove it when necessary, I wouldn't worry about. I too have a baby face. People never believe I'm 26. When I was younger, it bugged me. But now I've realized that it's great. No one wants to look old and some of us are blessed enough to be more youthful looking then we are. In a few years you will appreciate this gift that's been given to you.

  • The clothse you wear and how you carry yourself has a lot to do with it.