I need makeup advice.

1) I can't really decide the color of my eyes since they always look a little different (even if I put makeup everyday)

2) what shades of eyeliner and eye shadow would suit me


Haha please look at all of them :p


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  • 1. If your eyes change they're hazel but looks to me that they're light brown or dark brown depending on lighting.

    2. Shades of eyeliner that goes well with your eyes are obvious neutrals such as pure matte black ( Urban Decay 24/7 in Perversion ), a cocoa brown, or if you want to turn heads, turquoise/teal blue/greens such as NARS Kaliste pencil or UD 24/7 Flipside.

    As for eye shadows, stick to colors that compliment both your eyes and skin tone since your skin seems to be around NC40ish err can't really tell due to lighting. Preferably, stick to neutrals, smokes, and mattes. Colors that would suit you are Taupes, Purples, Blacks, Browns, and maybe specific reds/ some upper hue blues. Just buy Urban Decay Naked2 honestly.

    • I'm kind of pale. Thanks so much though :)

    • just avoid the glitter. you don't wanna look like a 12 year old hooker. be careful when choosing eyeliner. many contain iridescent sparkles for some reason and can irritate the waterline.

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  • A soft black eye liner would suit you and even if you get a very black eye liner simply put it on as you want and then remove some of it with the tip of a q-tip or just make it a smoky eye for the eye shadows a lot of company's are selling specific products for different colored eye's-I have to deal with the same thing my eyes are more hazel although they tend to change depending on what cothes I wear I think that as long as you know how to apply eye shadow in the different parts of the eye you should be fine with anything you try as long as its not too dark or too light. you should just make sure the top part of your eye is lighter than the rest

    • Haha. That is true. I really need to learn. I guess that's the trick for doing makeup. Knowing what shades to put on, on a certain part of the eye

      My eyes are hazel. I tend to bring the brown in them instead of the green. So I want to learn how to do the green instead lol. I have done it before, it's just tricky

      Thank you though :)

  • don't know about shadow but just wear brownish black or black (depending on if you want soft or harsh) liner it matches everyone