Reasons why a guy wouldn't meet a girl's eyes?

I saw my crush as he was passing by me. It seemed like he was looking around everywhere and trying to avoid looking at me. I said hi and he said hi back and kind of raised his eyebrows but he didn't meet my eyes when he said it- he kind of looked to the side. Another similar time when I smiled and waved at him he kind of just stared at my lips/smile and waved back. A lot of the time he can hold eye contact with me when I'm across the room, but never when I'm near him. Why won't he meet my eyes when I'm near him?


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  • Sounds like he's attracted but nervous and lacks self confidence.

  • When I'm far away from someone I'll look into their eyes to see if they are looking at me. When I'm up close I always look at peoples mouths. I try to look into their eyes since I know people like that, but I tend to look at the mouth to read their lips. To me it makes more sense to look at the mouth if you are really paying attention than a persons eyes. Reason why it makes more sense to me to do this is because you are concentrating on the words they are saying, and what better way to concentrate on the words than to look at the body part where the words come out of.

    • You're eyes are YOU, you can tell people are looking at you.. If someone was staring at my mouth I would ask if I had suddenly grown some growth on it..

    • "you can tell people are looking at you" - Did you not read the part where I said, "I'll look into their eyes to see fi they are looking at me"? If I'm staring at your mouth it's because I am reading your lips when you talk. I won't look at your lips if you're not talking. But if you're talking I will read your lips because it helps me hear since I'm half deaf.

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