What do you think of this?

I sit next to the door ( you have to literally walk towards me before you take the left outside), and well she was going to the rest room and I had my head tilted back leaning on the wall (like I think I'm cool lol). And as she was walking towards me, I Looked at her and she looked me right in my eyes.

Also during the other day, my professor made a funky face towards the corner I sit at (actually he was doing it to the person in front of me, I think) and I was just ogling this girl, but no one saw; and she turns around and looks dead at me. And we hold it for 2 or 3 secs until she makes a weird laugh/ squeak? lol

Am I over thinking again? lol


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  • i don't think so

    • what's your opinion on the situation

    • i think that you are over thinking it just let it play out

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  • Judging by the weird laugh/squeak I'm guessing she liks you