Are your expectations too high?

Let's face it, most of us probably aren't AS amazing as we'd like to believe. At the very least, there are some areas we just don't excel in. The big question is whether or not they match up with our expectations in people we look to date?

Maybe you're not that funny, or you have a bit of a mean streak, or maybe you're overweight by 20-30 pounds and it's noticeable. Are you looking for that guy or girl who would be considered the most physically attractive in the room? The guy or girl who's cracking jokes and seems to radiate confidence? Do you think you're overshooting your "league" or do you think you keep an open mind and keep your standards realistic?


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  • It's kinda funny, cause I find myself dating guys who are clearly not in my "league," and they know it (not through me, just what people tell them). Truth is, I actually have pretty high specific expectations. I love confidence, because it's something I lack as an introvert. I want a guy older than me, or at least at my maturity/intellecutal level... The list kinda goes on, but I'm guessing my high desires/expectations may have landed me in such positions of taking whatever comes along...

    And that's not exactly healthy either.

    Truth is, I think my standards are realistic. I think I've really come close maybe a couple of times, and one of those times-a great deal. I feel like maybe I've settled a LOT, and I don't want to do that anymore, despite my possibly "unreal" expectations.

    I hope that answers your question...

    • I understand. It's just often I see people upset that they're alone, yet they seem to want people who really don't have any reason to want them back. They want a successful, amazing, near perfect individual, without asking why that individual would want THEM back. That's all. Nothing wrong with some standards though.

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    • Hey thank you for the B.A!

    • Welcome!

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  • I have standards, but I don't think they are asking too much no matter what my "league" is. I just want a guy who treats me right. I want him to be at my maturity level... which usually means he's older than me. I want him to be faithful, committed, and most importantly make me happy.

    Lol, I'm a very simple person.

    • I think there's a difference between standards and shooting for something that's just not feasible you know? The things you listed, in my opinion, aren't so much standards but requirements for a relationship. Maturity, faithfulness, and commitment isn't really debatable, it's necessary.

    • Not for everyone. There are different kinds of relationships, friends with benefits for instance.

    • But I see what you're saying, lol.

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  • I'm completing my physics degree so I look for girls who are scientifically literate and I speak a couple of foreign languages so I look for girls that can do the same. My expectations seem reasonable to me.

  • My standards are WAYY TOO HIGH :\

  • i think mine could be

  • i appreciate your cynicism but frankly that's not human. To be able to walk to walk, we have to be able to talk the talk. So why would you talk, and walk, if you didn't really believe it?

    What I'm saying is, you have to believe that you are special, to able to have the motivation to achieve something special, so to get an ideal partner. Just because someone has not achieved excellence yet does not mean he/she should settle for mediocrity.

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