Should I have talked to her?

I was eating dinner with my cousin who is my best friend, her had is girlfriend with him which I don't really mind. I'm obviously single. Anyway there was this really cute waitress that had this really long hair and slender build but she still had a nice shape. She looked like a quiet girl but I noticed her right away, she was not are waitress. When we were done my cousin and his girlfriend started to leave, I noticed her coming by so I acted like I was checking my phone and stayed behind. Then as she was walking by I looked her in the eyes, she gave me a little smile, and I gave a smirk back and she looked down and just walked by me. Should I of said something to her or was she just doing her job and not wanting to be bothered?


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  • I don't know. Too bad you didn't stick around long enough to find out :P

    • Haha! I know I suck!

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    • LOL I think we all do stuff sometimes where we look back and are like "Goddammit! Why didn't I..."

    • I do that too much! XD

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  • yeah waitress are kind nervous when it comes to flirting with customers because we're not sure of their intentions are they being nice or do they really want something from you.she probaly thought you were just being polite

    • She smiled first though, which made me smile back. But she looked down and didn't hold eye contact which is why I thought she was just being polite. ;

  • It never hurts to try she could say no but your already single anyways and if she says yes then you would gain something you didn't have before try and talk to her


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