It felt so powerfully damn sure that she was wanting to talk to me.

So there's this one girl sitting on the couch talking to 1 of her friends (not close friends tho) and she looks my way a few times and I'm with 2 of my friends just talking, laughing and whatever, I notice her look my way and anyway...

a girl comes to my group and starts conversing with Person1 in my group, person 2 then joins in and I'm kinda feeling left out, I don't really talk to the new person who just joined the group so, kinda ignored her, we are all on some chairs btw.. I'm mostly just chilling drinking some water, and then that girl I was talking about at the beginning gets up and comes over to me sits on one of the chairs and we just start talking about stuff,

it went pretty well for like 10-15 minutes till she had to go to class, but I guess I kinda noticed when she walked my way that she WANTED to talk to me, or there was some weird vibe coming from her as she walked my way.. it just could have been that there was no one else to talk to and she was bored or something, we didn't click or have that attraction thing going on, but if it continued more it would have happened...

thing is, I've only talked to her twice. and briefly at that... I don't know what the question is, but maybe what is going on in this situation? I'm sure she looked at me those few times when she was on the couch, (this is at a students lounge btw) and me on the chairs, and that when she walked my way it felt so powerfully damn sure that she was wanting to talk to me... Shed light on this for me please


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  • It sounds like she may like you. She looked at you, decided you were attractive, and went to approach you. She was probably attracted to you and since she doesn't know you that well, she's not nervous around you so she approached you. Talk to her. Ask her if she wants to hang out somewhere.

    • Just like that? I've talked to her 3 times now and eachtime just a little bit.. I barely know her, and if I ask her to chill with me somewhere, she'll think that my goal is to get in her pants or something.. maybe I'm overanalysing it but, if I go 1 on 1 with her, id want to get to know her a lot more b4... this may help.. but I've never been in a real relationship with a girl. :/ so I'm just keeping an open mind here

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    • I get that but in those words? does that really work?

    • Yeah that will work. Trust me. She did approach you so she does like you/ want to get to know you at least as a friend.

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  • I think she was testing you. To see if you were interested in her. You both looked at each other made eye contact, and she was interested. It's better to join a group first, and not just single out a person. Anyways, Yes, the group might have been done talking, but I think she wanted to talk to you. She was interested, and wanted to see if you were aswell.

    I don't know how you handled it, so I can't really determine if she is interested in further contact, or not.

    • I don't think I came out so "i like you" when I talked to her, it was more like just 2 people getting to know each other through stories of life experience(which sounds a lot better than when typed like that) and we laughed..... but I don't think I gave off the vibe that I like like her you know? I kinda do like her, I don't know her so.. but she seems really nice and probably my type. but she's pretty as f*** and I'm just quasimodo(maybe not that bad but I would scale myself a 7) maybe I'm just insecure