Guys what do you look for in a girl .. Well other than looks

I know that looks is the first major attraction. But apart from that what if a girl is really good looking but she does not have much going for her family wise... It is known that these days people also look for status like what the girl is doing education wise or maybe work wise. Would you consider being with a girl who does not have much going for her yet ... Well still working on it ... Or is it possible that attraction is greater than status . Lets just say she is really good looking , shy , easygoing , great personality would a guy fall for that or is status now a necessity


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  • Women look for status, not guys. You have to do something in your free time, but in terms of attraction and having a relationship, your occupation and education don't really mean much. Guys are not out there looking for successful women in the way that women look for successful, high status guys.


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  • The 1st thing I look for is if we can be friends in the real sense cause no relationship can last without being friends first.

    Second, I'd look for compatibility and similar ideas (especially domestic, socializing and sexual) - compatibility generally comes from the status area too, though going around looking only for 'status' doesn't guarantee compatibility

  • I think a lot of guys would eaisly fall for that. that's what a lot of guys look for in a girl well also confidence and getting her life on the right track. but everything else sounds good to me just have to find the right guys.

    • well what if at the moment she is now putting her life back together .. will the guy like fall for her even then or will it seem to him as baggage ?

    • He will fall for you even more because he see's that you are trying to get things better and will be a good girlfriend or wife in the future

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