Why was this girl random girl doing this?

There was this very cute girl with her mother, she must of been in her late teens early twenties. I never seen her before, but anyway I was in a rush going into the grocery store, I was in my gym clothes so I kind of looked out of place a bit. Anyway going in the store she was walking out with her mom, but for some reason or the other had her eyes glued on me and was looking me right in eyes as she walked by me. I was wondering to myself why she gave me that much eye contact while talking to her mother walking by but people do that. But I just had to drop off prescription medicine so as I was walking out I saw her again putting the cart back. She looked me in the eyes again walking back to the car and smiled at me so I gave her one back. Whole time I was walking by her she was looking me in the eyes. Not sure why? I'm not the best looking guy and normally don't get attention like that from girls, of course she could of been being friendly but normally girls don't even do that, definitely not that much eye contact or a smile, she was really cute girl too, very beautiful. I didn't say anything because I was in a rush, plus she was with her mother and I'm a shy person to boot.


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  • She was into you, man. It sucks that wasn't an opportunity where you could have approached her, because she would have totally given you her number. Next time something like that happens, go for it if possible.

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