How do you feel guys? can I have your opinion?

when a girl looks at you and then turns her haid like nothing happened . .? or when she talks to you one time and the next when you see her she just doesn't look at you ? take in mind that this girl has told you you're really cute . . :)


Oh my God! this is so true . . mixed signals are pretty annoying for you guys . .:/

I really want to reveal how I feel for him cause I believe he's worth it . . :)

you think it's a good thing that he sometimes starts the talk asking me how I am

and I see him glancing . . ?

thanks so much . . :D


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  • Behavior always wins over can say whatever you want, if you don't act it, it will only counteract against you which ends up in the guy having an even worse idea about you than if you hadn't said anything..

  • I think she is playing mind games and is a witch

  • I'd be thinking, "what's up with the mixed signals? You say I'm cute, then act indifferent to me?"


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