What type of hairstyle look do girls like on guys.

>Post some pics of what hairstyle you like best on men and why?

Also what hairstyle looks best on a guy who's hair is a bit thinner than normal on the middle-front part of his head

Nobody ever answers my questions :(


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    • Uhhmmm both of your links don't work?

      But, thanks, I guess, for being the only person yet again, who takes time posts an answer to one of my questions. I'm not a jerk, how the heck can I try my best to work on my appearance if nobody ever answers my questions. I hate this stupid site ;'(

    • Feel free to ask me questions any time you want, Link one was zac efrons shorter hair when its geled up on top. and link 2 is ryan goslings sheek hair cut. both two guys who know how to dress and style.

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