Do you believe this is true?

in French people say ''loin des yeux loin du coeur'' which is translated to something similar to ''far from the eyes far from the heart''


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  • Out of sight out of mind. That's what it means. Let's be clear that this is just a saying that NOT every French person lives by. What is your stitch with French people?

    • Stitch as in problem?

    • More like deal. You asked two questions about the French. I was wondering why?

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  • Lol well what does that mean? Does that mean long distances make you grow farther apart?

    • Idk something like long term relationships don't work

    • Well it all depends on the circumstance. If you have a great foundation and you know that you will be back together sooner or later, it can work. But if you don't have a good foundation, then no, it can't work.