I need some help for my dad?

My dad had a seizure this weekend. I'm now in the hospital by his side with my mom. He's doing pretty well now, the first day he wasn't responsive. It was a BIG relief seeing him wake up, and respond to the nurse.

Although I'm aware that most of you could careless about my history with my dad, but I'll share anyway. My dad has seriously taught me almost everything I know. He's one of the most smartest guys in the world. It's crazy how good he is with math, although he's a little over 60 he can still derive calculus equations on paper, just the other weekend he helped me find the equation for resistors in parallel for my electric circuits class. Thank god he showed me that equation or else my lab partner and I would have been in there for another hour or so.

My dad has been here for me since the very beginning. I couldn't have asked for a better dad. Unfortunately since he became an Electrical Engineer he became lazy and gave up on exercise and maintaining his health. I know I couldn't talk him into working out or anything, because he wouldn't listen.

I am currently following his footsteps, I'm a sophomore Electrical Engineering major at my local university. A few months ago I shared a cigar with my dad, and he gave me wonderful life advise. He told me that Alternative Energy is where money will go, he says gas will be limited to the public until there are other energy solutions.

I want to go into Alternative Energy and Electromagnetism. I know there are some very cool things magnets and electricity can do. Even generate power. I want to build something under car hoods where it generates power from heat. Traffic could generate power for cities.

Anyway, I don't want to lose my dad. He's helped me a lot paying for school and I ALWAYS wanted to see the look on his face when I get my bachelors in electrical engineering. He would be so ridiculously proud. I want him to be there, but from the looks of it I don't know if he will see me succeed. This really turns my world upside down thinking I'll lose my dad.

Has anyone ever felt the same way as me? What did you do? I'm looking for moral support and advise. I'm leaving the hospital tomorrow night and it'll hurt a lot to leave my dads side. I have confidence he will be okay.

Will you keep him in your prayers for me? thank you.

I think about him so much when I do homework. He's seen me go through all my phases in life. My growing stage, rebel stage, my immature stage, etc. To have him think I'll grow up like him would really shock him, because I know there was doubt in his mind the first day of college.
I wish I could give BA to everyone. Seriously, all you guys are great people and I wish the best for all of you. My dad is currently doing fine, he's out of the hospital. Personally I think he's trying to die before he goes to a retirement home. Which will probably be 10 years? Anyway, that's enough time for him to see my graduate.

Thank you all :)


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  • definitely praying for him, you, and the rest of your family.

    I understand you, I really do. I wish I was eloquent and had great words of wisdom but I'm afraid I don't. keep hoping and keep faith that you won't lose your dad. unfortunately, I did...but life does go on (as cliche as that phrase is) & you learn to be strong.


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  • My prayers are with your dad, you, and your family.

    Try exercising with your dad - make it a father/son thing and enjoy it. Small steps at first, of course. But chances are if he enjoys what he's doing, there's a better chance he will stick to the path of becoming healthy. Good luck!

  • Very sweet! I think he'll be okay! I've seen several patients in the clinic that came in with seizures and were released soon after. It's commendable that you guys are very close. Does he have a history of seizures?

    • no he doesn't. He has an old brain hemorrhage and a low blood platelet count. When he first arrived, his count was 6,000 :(

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    • he's doing a lot better now, thank you.

  • Your dad will definitely be included in my prayers tonight. I hope everything goes well and that you dad gets better when you have the chance tell him how great of a dad he has been and that you care about him and want him to be around for you. Let him know what you are worried about him tell him that you love him. I wish you guys the best.

  • sure. hugs to you and your family

    whatever happened in the future stay on the right track and make him proud

    here is a number to a prayer hotline number you can call and they will also pray for you...1-800-421-9600

    • thank you, I called the number but it's not in service anymore?

    • ohh...umm ill check it again but I haven't called it in a while anyway so I wouldn't know,

      ok my mom sais every time she calls the line is busy so its not just and and that is the correct number. sorry :( I wish you the best

  • I know what you mean. My brother was just diagnosed with brain cancer last November. Talk about a slap in the face. Practically everyone in my family was in school and we were at his bedside for days. It was awful. He had to have 2 craniotomies, chemo and radiation. Not to mention a change in his diet. Oh yeah and he is only 26.

  • {hugs} he will be OK. You are lucky to have such a dad. And what sweet and caring son you are.


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  • that's freaking awesome... I wish I had a father that was good a math ha ha well .. my father was good in other traits, gave me advice as-well solar energy, that and how he's been pushing me to help him install panels on-top of our roof, I think he knows something I don't, he also taught me how to build a simple air-conditioning unit, simple yet effective (he's around 56)

    As a word of advice, (considering we have the internet) key is try to learn as much from your elders as possible before they pass away, that way you will spend less time on learning things your parents or elders already knew, and more time on learning things they didn't know... that's what my grandfather said to me, ironically my father said the same "make knowledge fluid and pass it down" they always said that to me, that might sound grim but It's always acted as a motivator for me though out my high school career, and my life, I am just about to complete my first year of community college anyhow, hope all is well and I sincerely hope I helped in any manner, and I'll give out a prayer tonight for him sounds like you have a really great father :]

    • Installing solar panels would be so fun. I tried talking him into showing me, instead he pulled up a picture of a solar panel and said, "there's the negative and there's the positive terminals. Place the panel in the sun and you have power.". *sigh* oh well, I think that's as good as it'll get.

    • hey you never know, that doesn't mean you still can't install them, maybe save it for a future project? with your father maybe if you have a son or daughter one day ? :D

  • Damn, I truly wish that your dad gets better, I really do actually..

    My dad haven't really been like your father, since my parents are divorced my mom have brought me up pretty much throughout my childhood. I could go into details but that would make me write like a whole essay about him. To keep things short, he's an a**hole when I am not around him but he's nice personality wise when I am with him physically. It's mixed feelings, but mostly bad ones as of now.

    He had a sever brain concussion once when he was working on his boat (he fell off the boat onto the ground in a bad way), he eventually made it to the hospital through ambulance - he's OK now but he have received some minor permanent damage such as he can't feel his upper gum in his mouth.

    I never actually contacted him, though I felt horrible later on for not doing it, but then again, he never contacts me (unless there is something important like a birthday coming up soon).

    I feel so terrible right now :(

  • I had the same relationship with my Dad, more or less. He's been dead about 8 years now. It still stings a little, but it's true that time heals. The raw suicidal pain I felt is long gone.

    When all is said and done, the important things tend to be that you knew how he felt about you, and that he was proud of you, and that he knew how you felt about him. I always told my dad how much I loved I him, especially towards the end.

    My Dad was a chronic smoker. As much as he loved us all, he couldn't give up the smokes. I still don't understand the hold they had on him. My mother quit smoking when I was about 5. I took up smoking for a few years, (after he died) just so I could see how hard it was to quit. Maybe I have my mothers genes, because I found it easy.

    Spend what time you can with him. If he's talking and lucid, consider recording a video of you two talking. Make plans for the future. Decide on something cool the two of you can do together when he gets well and gets home. Give him something to look forward to.

    And try not to resent him letting his health go a bit sh*t. We all think we're immortal, on some level.

    • thank you, I truly appreciate your honesty. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, I wish the best for you and your family. I like your advise, maybe I'll plan a fishing trip with him.