How do I approach to him? Do all these behaviors mean anything?

These are his behaviors:

Past three weeks, I sang with the choir while looked at his direction, he smiled happily afterward. Sometimes he decided to serve on my side, which is rarely because he is always with the Bishop's side. Each time after serving my side, he seemed happy, too. Last week, I did like before and he just had his normal face, but did not seem angry or sad.

Another time, after the Mass ended...he walked with the Bishop out of the church. I just looked straight, but when I looked over him... he had a big smile on his face :) look over my direction. His friends all looked straight and walked except him. I saw that because it was a so closed distance. I was not sure if he saw that I have seen...but he then looked down on the ground and just walked. When he walked to return inside... he seemed to walk fast.

One time, I thought he stared at me, so I looked at him then looked away. When I played with my hair, as I looked up...he seemed to do the same with his head. Then, I kept looking at him, he just looked down, seemed to smile, until I looked away...then he looked back up.

The other time, I tried to go different way instead of his line that he served, his mood changed. He seemed to be sad.

At a party at church, when he finished...I noticed that he stood across from my sight and seemed to look at me a lot. I felt that he approached to me, wanting to say something, but he stepped back, and returned to talk to a friend, a girl, yet she has a boyfriend already. I known her. When I glanced up, they both talked to each other, but did not look at each other. He seemed to looked at me while talked to the girl. =.=

I tried to summarize and shorten these all together. Please help me figure out what's wrong with him! I want to talk to him and ask him so many questions, but I don't know how to start. I might be too nervous and forget all the things I want to say.


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  • Aw how cute :3 I'm a helpless romantic so this makes me feel good haha

    Those behaviors means he may have a crush on you, you must pursue to find out!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have you acted like that before?

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    • Thanks so much! I will keep that in mind. Do you think if he once had a girlfriend, he would be more grown up if he's interested in me? I think he would not confuse me and act more mature if he once had a girlfriend. If he only flirts for fun, I think he should already stopped for a long time ago, but it's been 2 years that I still noticed his behaviors. I just have some thoughts.

    • I mean he could be more mature, relationships can teach a person a lot, and he might still be in pain from the last relationship, hence why he blocked you, but I still don't get it.

      If the signs are there and have been there, he may just have those feelings for you. It's up to one of you to say something to the other really

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  • 1st paragraph - none of them mean anything.

    2nd paragraph - means nothing

    3rd paragraph - means nothing

    4th paragraph - means nothing

    5th paragraph - means nothing

    Even summarised and shortened, all you have are a bunch of situations where he looked a certain way or you think he smiled because of you.

    The only behavior here that means anything, is that you have a HUGE crush on this guy, and you're willing to read signs from the least little thing.

    • I don't think so though. I did not pay attention to him. It happened when he first came and talked to me asking a question over and over! He poked me sometimes and when I turned around he had a big smile on his face, did not say anything until I said something. He's not shy around others, but to me...he just could not open to talk. He has guy friends and girl friends, so he can always just talk to me like normal friends if he wants to be friends with me.

    • Well, you asked. That's the answer you got. I'm not really concerned if you believe it or not.

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