This is what I have been thinking about

1.if a guy is playing the piano and you try to talk to him and he immediately stopped what his doing and just stares /look at you talking to him while leaning back (looking comfortable in his chair) he interested.

2. or if he was talking to his friend and they said your name and he immediately turned around to listen or look at you is he interested? or maybe because I like him its just in my head.

3. if he was talking to you and he seems like he was about to touch you arm/shoulder but slowly stops is he interested?

4. Or all these signs of him being polite. *shrugs*


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  • 1) It's hard to listen to and play the music while someone is talking to the back of your head... Stopping to talk to someone you know is just being polite. You're interrupting what he is doing anyway, might as well see what you want...

    2) If a person in a group is addressed and by name and starts speaking, listening by other group members is normal.

    3) I don't know what you see as almost touching you. I mean if he didn't deliberately touch you then you're probably over thinking things. I even touch girls I'm not interested in many times. Everyone's comfort level with personal space is a little different. Deliberate touching is somewhat of an indicator of interest, but it's not fool proof. Almost touching someone and pulling away, is holding back or pulling away. That's not a good sign...


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