Do some foods sometimes seem pointless to eat?

It seems like certain food like black rice and sweetcorn come out the same way they come in and look undigested. Are you really extracting anything from them when they look untouched?

Bonus question: is this a cure for world poverty. We could send a load of sweetcorn to Africa. They could eat, rewashthen eat again. Never hungry again


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  • Things like you are describing may not be fully digested, but they provide bulk and help keep you regular as for as your bowels go.

    Also, it would not be any kind of cure for poverty. If you eat something and do not digest it, you get no nutrients from it, so eating it again would provide no nutrients. The entire purpose of eating is to break down the material into amino acids. If you're not breaking it down into amino acids, and it's not providing another beneficial effect such as helping evacuate your bowels, then it's not worth eating.


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  • Foods that are not digested are still useful for people to eat because they provide fiber, which keeps the digestive tract healthy.

    No one food can have a substantial effect on world hunger, you still have problems of getting everyone all of the nutrients they need, and getting the food moved to the necessary locations and distributed among the population. Those logistics are the bigger problems than finding the food itself.


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  • Any junk food is pointless doesn't do you any good just makes you fatter.

  • Many foods are pointless to eat. Americans eat them anyway. They are nutritionally worthless. That's why it's not a plan to send them over to Africa, by the way.

    You'd be amazed how much *wood pulp* you eat, as an average American. (Yes, wood pulp. The stuff they can make recycled paper from)

    • ...No that's the stuff they make original, pre-consumer paper from.

    • The point is, you eat it - they call it cellulose, and the FDA allows 3.5% of it in all meat.

      It's a bulking agent. It adds bulk and texture. But no flavour and no nutrition.

      Americans eat mostly garbage, and they don't even know it.

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