Is this a good sign from her or a sign she was irritated?

I'm trying to figure out whether this girl likes me before I ask her out so I'm looking for hints but she is very stoic and hard to read.

Well I was teasing her earlier today. I was basically poking fun at her in front of everybody but nobody knew who I was talking about except her so I was kinda making fun of her in front of everyone but only me and her knew that I was, and I looked over to her to see her reaction and she bit her lower lip and looked down, then looked at me then looked away again biting her lower lip.

Is that a good sign or did I irritate her? She wasn't smiling but I don't know if I did good or bad or how she feels. Basically why are some reasons you bite your lip if a guy teases you

cause maybe I humiliated her or made her uncomfortable? I didn't think my teasing was that scathing it was pretty mild stuff so I don't know


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  • There is a difference between teasing and making fun of someone. One is harmless and fun, and the other is going overboard with the teasing... What did you say to everyone about her? The immpression I'm getting is that she got irritated. Otherwise she would be laughing.

  • I sometimes bite my lip when I'm into the guy and feeling flirtatious.

    But I know sometimes people bite their lips when they feel embarrassed.

    I wouldn't worry about it unless she acted like there was something wrong next time you see her. I love teasing and being teased by a guy I like, some women do, some take it too seriously. I would just see how she acts next time you see her, and if she acts normal, ask her out.

    Good luck :-)


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