Girls' exes are never good looking?

I have found a lot of girls say how bad looking there exs are out of bitterness, but it seemed they thought they were hot beforehand... I don't get this, are they good looking or not or do your tastes change or is personality the make up for men?


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  • the expression 'love is blind' sometimes is what it refers to

    I have had other girls at work say 'you can do a lot better' when they hear who I dated in the past

    I know it's mean, to say oh this guy is ugly or not as good looking

    but Again beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don't really care about any of my ex's, I don't want to put them down but yes they could have been a bit hotter...

    I think I mostly liked guys who were a bit intelligent so I bypassed looks but some had bad personality and when I did fall for the 'hot' guy, his personality wasn't hot either


    people learn from their mistakes is all I gotta say :)

    I dont' believe my tastes change, some guys are good at hiding their bad selves and put on nice face. Personally MY tastes have always been a guy with a good heart, someone who will take care of me, honest and loving, and it's hard to judge character right away, it takes time.


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  • Well I mean they might have changed the last time that you've seen em and when you're in love sometimes it doesn't matter if they sucked personality/outward appearance one of those was picking up the slack when you were in love with them if you were lol but when you get out of the mess you see em differently. happens =P

  • this is because a lot of us fall for the personality and if the personality is makes the guy better looking. but if a break up went bad or we are mad about makes us see the guys in a new light and they just aren't that good looking for us anymore. personality really is the key!


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  • It has nothing to do with the looks, because they would of never gotten with him if they didn't find him attractive before. It's simply the bitterness of a woman & her emotions to outright call a guy ugly over a bad breakup or different tastes accquired since then.

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