Stretch marks on girls? Do you GUYS care or are you grossed out?

Ok so are guys grossed out by girls having stretch marks on their stomach, hips, arms, legs, breasts? Any of the areas...or are you ok with them? I have some on my lower stomach, breasts and arms, and even like 2 around my belly button. I used to weigh about 20-25lbs more than I do now which is where I think the ones from around my belly button came from. The others are just from either growing or whatever.

I know even skinny girls have stretch marks though just from growing...which is why I wondered what guys thought.

I'm what most would maybe consider thick maybe, I'm not huge or have a big belly but its not toned up like I want it to be.


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  • It does not matter to me. If a guy likes you for you and not your body then it shouldn't be a problem.

  • If the girl is kind and funny, no problem: a smile does miracles to hide them! When a woman smiles at me, I only see the smile and the twinklings in her eyes.

    Wrong answer, I guess?


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