Why she behaves this way?

Long story short I have been chatting online with a girl occasionally Then, we met and started to chat more often on a day to day basis, I looked at it as friendship. For the last 3 months we were chatting more closely, wishing goodnight, morning, etc. and meet like once in 2 to 3 weeks as we live in 2 different cities. one thing is that I would like to meet her more often even as we chat even being at work during the day, and at the beginning of our chat I was looking on other girls as considered this one as friendship and now I don't know, I don't seem to look other girls, they don't interest me any more, and what I wish is to chat and see her more, I wonder if I has fallen for her? and I also wonder she told me last time in a joke manner that what I do when I get drunk - if she would succeed in ending up sleeping with me - thus I guess that she likes me, and she behaves as a caring person, but it difficult for me to ask her out as she has plans quite often. And how do I understand that her behavior? Thanks in advance.


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  • Maybe she is just a friendly person if she is flirty then she possibly likes you. If you don't like her move on if you do ask her out or someone else probably will.


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