Anybody know why I look pretty for a several days, then all hell breaks loose and I look ugly for few days?

why doesn't ones appearance stay the same every day?

i swear some days my face looks "prettier" than other days (and no it's not because I'm ovulating or PMSing)?

Seriously, my diet is consistent and I exercise moderately...but sometimes, I look ugly (more often in the colder seasons) and sometimes I look pretty.

During the summer I swear I looked more attractive, but since fall came along, it's like I look uglier than before, no more compliments and my face looks bloated usually even though I try to limit my carb intake and avoid eating late at night.

i hate that my face tends to easily bloat, and if I've ever binged, the first place it shows up is on my freaking face.


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  • Makeup?

    • no, I always wear makeup

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    • it's not make-up dude :D trust me

    • I don't know, I've never seen anyone who looks worse in winter than in summer:P

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  • I know, I"m the same way. with or without make-up, slept or not, worked out or not and so on and so on, I also work out and try to eat right, have a nice body :D But boom :D often my face just looks horrible. I don't know why either and I have no idea how to stop it. though when I"ve slept properly it seems better, but in the days when I'm stressed and have more lectures and stuffed it gets real ugly :(