Manicure-What do Guys find Hot? ;*)

K, now that I've had my first dose of a manicure---I'm addicted lol. I got my nails done and they're kinda suiting me cause I usually wear a punk-rock/ goth/ emo style---unique like me and they're just black tips with rhinestones...

Just wondering what do guys prefer in nails? do you guys actually look at our nails and care? I have short nails and with the black/violet tips done. Or do you like french nails? Do you like dark and sexy nails? or squared ones? or do you even care? just curious...thx ^_^ girls are welcome to comment as well---i can't wait till I get my nails done again. it was great! ;*)


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  • I love a woman who takes the time to get a manicure. Its something so little, but that shows me she cares about those little things. I can't tell you what type of manicure you have, but I definitely notice.

    Its kind of weird for some of the guys in here to say its "gay" if you care or "notice your womans manicure." Those are the guys who wonder why their woman is mad at them after they come home from the salon and don't notice. All I'm sayin is after one of my ladies come back from the salon and I notice what theyve got done i.e hair, manicures, pedicures, I always get the drawers aka SEX! Cheers mates...

    • Lol exactly! I'de probably kick my man out of my house lol KIDDING!

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    • Well no offense man, but the woman who wrote this question has spoken. And that's another problem your speaking for most probably shouldnt. The manicure isn't really the issue. If you kept reading what I wrote, youd realize that the overall message I was trying to send is that men need to notice their women, especially the little things. Its guys who think like you who keep me in business...oh by the way mate take a look at who got the best answer...cheers...

    • Lol. K, let's all be friends! *group hug!* lol. I like both answers but you can only select on Best Answer...;*)

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  • Sorry to tell you but guys don't are about nails, just like we don't care about eyebrows or eyelashes or toenails or any of these little things girls seem to put time into.

    In fact I don't even know what "french nails" means. lol. I'm pretty sure most guys don't either. Probably the only big thing that any guy might have a preference about in regards to nails would be none of those really really long nails that look like claws.

    Other than that, no we don't care. We don't look or care about your nails, lol. Sorry?

    Let me give you ladies a little insider tip to dispel all the bullshit out there. When it comes to looks, here are the things MOST guys care about:

    -Skin complexion/face (this includes eyes and lips as sub categories, but that doesn't mean we give a shit about lipstick or eyeshadow or anything. Make up is not attractive, make up is lies)

    -Boobs... sorry, I don't know why we like em so much, we just do. That doesn't necessarily mean size is a big deal but most guys want something that's at least not flat chested. Though there are guys out there who actually prefer that, I'm just saying. In general that's how it is.

    -Ass/Legs tastes vary here but most guys will agree it's important to them when it comes to physical attraction. And if they don't they're probably lying to seem more sensitive or some shit like that

    -Stomach to a lesser degree.

    And here are the list of things guys do not care about at all

    -Eyelashes. to hell with the mascara or whatever other shit you guys do to them, we don't care. We don't... simple as that

    -Eyebrows... I've heard women say "man I'v kill to have her eyebrows"... WHY? we don't give a shit. and it puzzles us as to why you care.

    -Fingernails/Toenails (with an exception to foot fetishists maybe). sorry we just don't care about them, we don't really even look at them. If we are any part of the reason you're putting time into that, then stop it.

    -Hair... I know this is a shock to you girls, sine that seems to be one of the main things you put time into... but we don't care! As long as it looks presentable, that's all any guy cares about, we don't care about coloring, or special hairstyles or shine/sheen... or any of this crap. Some guys might prefer blondes or brunettes... but that's about it and that's usually only young inexperienced guys anyways.

    Sorry, that's the end of my little rant. Essentially all the things guys care about are things you can't actually change. And all the things you like to change and play with... we don't care about.

    • Thank you for this. I am going to stop trying as hard as I have been. who cares if I wear mascara every time I go out in public? I mean it makes a huge difference to me, but are one else gives a crap and quite frankly it's a pain in the a**. =)

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    • I'm glad you girls think so... I'm just really always perplexed at some of the little things girls spend time on... I mean... have you EVER heard a guy say: "wow, those are some hot fingernails" or "man she has nice eyelashes" or "damn, that bounce in her hair is so sexy!"... no! So where did this come from? I don't get it

    • Actually, my ex-bf, one of them was really into nails and such, he'd always check--i wondered sometimes if he was a girl lol

  • Guys in general don't care about nails. Seriously. We like girly nails as much as we like figure skating & ballet.

    Guys who are into nails aren't into girls. If you catch my drift.

    ALTHOUGH ---> if a guy comments on your nails (like if you have decorated fake nails), he could very well be a straight guy who needs a conversation starter, so he opens by asking/talking about your nails to break the ice.

    P.S. I like your username. I find Reese's Pieces to be addicting.

    • Why thank you. I like chocolate in general--i've even tried the new oh henry/reeces pieces bar, but to my dismay, it wasn't that great. thx for your input!

  • no, I do not care.

  • I don't think guys really care about nails.

    At the very least, I do not.

  • Well I care about nails"no I'm not gay"Some guys notice them my advice is don't get the light blue or pink colors also the little dot on your nails=no guys might think you still act like a 15yr girl from high school just stick with the French nails :) can't go wrong with that."ignore my horrible grammar"

    • Lol I just kidding. there was no way in hell my ex-bf was gay and he was into nails. grammar is alright lol. yeah I hate pink. I have like the tips violet/purple and there are crystal rhinestones on them, fancy-fancy I know, I usually don't give a damn about my nails.

  • if it makes you feel good, do it, don't worry about whether we like it, what matters is that you're happy with it

  • as long as they are something simple and look nice

    they are ok

    but try french tips

    they look nice as well

    but NEVER EVER and I mean NEVER get nails that are tooooooooooo long

    cause that is a major turn OFF

    • Yeah I agree. I play piano so I can't have super long debilitating nails lol. I just love my nails right now--they're so suitable with the black attire I usually wear

    • Yea

      i heard that the "gel" french manicure are super comfortable but cost a lot


  • I notice manicures on women all the time. I have preferences but I always appreciate the fact that a woman took the time and energy to get it done, though it's certainly not a problem if a woman doesn't have or want one. Do it for yourself and what makes you happy. What we think is secondary.

    Having said that, I like when women have slightly long nails that aren't too long but not too short - too short kind of looks like a little kid. When they're too long, they look ridiculously fake. Acrylic or natural is fine. Color or design doesn't matter so much, though I am a sucker for dark colors or designs that are a little out of the ordinary.

  • I love nails on a girl! I love the medium to longer length square oval shape with French, reds, pinks, neutrals or silver mostly. Not so much bolds and weird out there colors. Sexy hands turn me on and I do notice first!


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