Can a guy look back after college and miss the nice girl?

after college you're either working or going to grad school being an adult, can a guy look back at their 'youthful' days in undergrad and miss a certain girl they went to school with? especially if she was nice and had a crush on him and he didn't care about her that much in fact broke her heart?

im asking because I ran into him the other day and he was in awe just staring at me and almost seemed shocked/happy to see me, I was actually scared to see him because all those feelings of rejection came back I felt self conscious and gained some pounds and wasn't wearing a cute outfit


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  • Sounds like nolstalgia. I wouldn't gamble on it. If he wanted you, he would've made an excuse to see you again.

    I had the same unrequited story. I bumped into her again inside a coffee shop like a year later and my heart panicked. The conversation was going very well, but I decided it was time to move on - it wasn't the same anymore. Who we were vs who we are.

    • thanks I guess I have to accept reality. I think human nature- deep down we still hope that they would give us a chance and come after us, but they don't and in the end we mean nothing to them but a joke.

    • Don't be cruel on yourself, you're not a joke. Everyone's felt like this including your crush. I still think about her everyday, but look back as a lesson. It still hurts me, but I know I've done exactly the same thing to someone else - she stopped talking to me when she moved on.

      Unrequited love taught us what maturity meant. We can't always have what we want.

      The worst part in pursuing euphoric fulfilment is not finding closure.

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  • I have no idea. Sometimes I think men don't think as hard as girls. Out of sight, out of mind. So when he saw you, it might have been a pleasant surprise, but he may or may not have romantic feelings. Most likely not if he didn't try to get your contact information out of the run in.

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