Why do you girls get mad or hurt when a guy compares them to another girl?

Did you ever stop to think that may be a good thing? I mean suppose the guy is trying to tell you something. Like say the girl he is comparing you to or saying you look a lot alike it is real obvious you're being compared to and told you look like someone that's hot, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful. Also maybe he's trying to give you the hint he likes you or turned on by you.


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  • I don't get mad, but I do find it problematic. I disagree with the concept of all women being pitted against each other in a competition of looks :P I don't care if I'm better-looking, worse-looking, or similar-looking to the person I'm being compared to.


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  • It would be like a girl comparing your skills in bed or penis to another man's.

    • As long as my skills are getting a good grade, that's fine with me.

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    • Lol so you'd only stay with a girl because she was hot? That's pretty shallow. Regardless, it's not overanalyzing. Sometimes guys are very sensitive about things we are not, and vice versa. I was merely trying to give you an understanding.

    • I haven't touched a girl in years. At this point I'd just about stay with a girl period. Hot would be a plus lol.

  • No. If you call another woman hot, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, and whatever else, that's what you're calling HER. Not the girl you're comparing her too. When a guy says how great a girl looks and then tells his girlfriend or wife or whatever, "you look just like her," it's nothing but a major cheap shot to keep him out of the doghouse.

    • Ok but why then to girls find it OK to compare guys to other guys like actors or artist? I've heard them do it many times. My niece dated a guy because he looked like Kurt Cobain and actually sang like him too. But there you have it. So why is it if girls don't like being compared to other girls such as actresses or artist's, how is it they feel it's OK to compare guys that way?

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    • But does she like her? Not look like, just like.

    • She does. After I told her she took out a note pad and wrote her name down and told me she was going to make a point to look her up on YouTube and she did. She likes her and her singing and she also agrees she looks like her. She that gorgeous all the way.

  • Well girls like to be thought of as different from one another and for all you know she could dislike the person you are comparing her with.

    • But if the guy obviously likes the girl he's talking about and saying you look like her, what's so bad about that? Wouldn't that be good?

  • Competition. It'd be like a girl telling you that your best friend was nice and attractive and comparing you two.

    Girls want to be the *only* girl a guy notices. So when he blatantly tells her he likes another girl, it undermines her security in him and makes her sad.

    Girls don't like being compared. They don't like knowing there's competition. They don't like knowing that he could like someone else more. They don't see it as a compliment. They see the differences and think he must like those qualities (even if he didn't say he did) and try to be like the other girl so he'll still like her.

    You know it upsets her. So just don't do it.

    • Competition? If I were a girl and I liked a guy who told me I looked like say, Kirsten Dunst, Mila Kunis, Rachel McAdams or Kristen Stewart, I'd be like YEAH say that again please do! As far as competition goes, if a guy thinks the girl he likes looks like a girl he likes, wouldn't he go for the girl he likes anyway from the get go?

    • I'm just telling you how girls think when they like a guy. I'm not telling you it's logical or right or anything. But if you know girls get like that, don't do it. Seems like the smart thing to do in my opinion.

    • I guess so. I'll never understand girls. I know you heard of the new female instruction manual that came out so men can understand women. I comes in several sets 8000 pages per book and there's about 1000 books in all. But they are experiencing problems with it because everything in the books changed before the first book arrived one the doorstep of the first customer.

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