Is there a difference in how guys look at girls?

There's the way guys look when they see a good-looking girl and there's the way guys look when they see a girl they want to make their beloved. Guys stare for many reasons; some say just to see if they can get a girl's attention, others say it's because he can picture her by his side. What do you guys and gals think?


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  • The whole picturing by my side thing doesn't happen to me till after things have kicked off between us down the romantic road. If I look at a girl its basically for very shallow reasons, they're attractive and I would have sex with them so I look at them not necessarily to try to gain attention or even show interest, its basically a base thing of your attractive, your have a nice physique and my mind is getting carried away in sex mode. If we strike up conversation,don't have sex that night and maybe go on a date or head towards that then I start to think potential gf.

    In a nutshell, the outwards looks are base instinct of attractiveness, guilt free eyeing up. Its the inward thoughts are the long term plans.


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  • There's this girl I stare at... gaze at. I want to get her attention I suppose, I mean like I want her to notice that I'm looking at her a lot because yeah she's one that I would love to have "by my side". But I barely know her so I might be better off with the girl I get on really well with.

  • Prolly trying to imagine what she'd look like naked. Usually guys don't think the way girls do. Oh..I think we'd look like a great couple...I wonder what our kids would look like..wonder if she'd love me..etc etc...If we's usually's hot..maybe I can get her number..possibly sleep with her. If she isn't attractive to us..we won't bother really looking or staring and just avoid eye contact. Now I'm not trying to generalize but if a guy is fairly young..and by young below 40..this is usually the mode of thinking.


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  • I really don't know why guys stare, I just think that they are thinking about something else. Unless they whistle, then you know for sure they are thinking about you. Assumption is dangerous, that is why I don't worry about it. Simply pray for protection from and for the whistler, ignore and walk on by my merry way.

    Also, of course guys look at girls different and vice versa. We all presume to think that we know if this person is in fact good looking to our standards. But, I have had crushes on big guys because of their personality.

    • What if they look past the looks and just see how that girl carries herself? For those guys who stare quietly and follow your with their eyes obviously, what do you say about them?

      Are there guys who just notice the little things about a girl besides her looks? And vice versa?

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    • Lolz it's fine, my ex commented about my long nails saying he liked them..though he never said why but the fact that he noticed them meant a lot. Thank you for sharing, a friend and I are "observing" guys and since we work with lots of them, this was stuck in my head.

    • I notice nails, well as makeup.

      I am definitely attracted to girly-girls. ;-)