Do guys look at girls differently as girls look as girls?

Ive heard of what girls called a meh face is beautiful in guys view. So if I'm cute in girls view and I'm like super cute in guys view right? How different do guys look at girls then girls look at girls? Apart from boobs and ass...


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  • "So if I'm cute in girls view and I'm like super cute in guys view right?"

    Not necessarily. The lesson you should have learned from meh-face, is that girls often don't have a clue what guys actually find attractive. Not that we all see attractiveness the same, and guys just have lower standards.

    There are many girls I know, who are thought to be beautiful by women. (Comments like, oh I'd kill for her cheekbones) And yet guys look at her and go "Two bagger."

    Very often, the things that girls care about (eyelashes, cheekbones, hair, eyebrows) are things that guys could not give the littlest f*** about.

    And frequently, the things that guys find attractive, girls will dismiss as being flashy, trashy, or somehow "obvious" as if that was a bad thing.

    • Really? How I want to read my crush mind to know if he thinks I'm attractive or not...then what features of girks do guys think it's attractive?( I mean on the face or so)

    • That's the great thing about guys - we all like different things.

      No matter how pretty a girl is, there'll be some guys who think she's ugly, and vice versa. So there really is hope for every girl out there. Even the ones who weigh 300lbs, can find a guy who likes fatties and feeding them.

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  • Keep dreaming, sweet heart. Guys view girls in a different way, but that doesn't mean guys automatically rank you higher than other girls do. I've seen girls think that a girl is beautiful that I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. I've seen girls that I wanted f*** their brains out that other girls berated and said she was fugly. If you want to know what a guy thinks about you, find a guy and ask him. There is no formula "girl score + xxxxx = guy score".

    •'s just so confusing

    • Human being in general are confusing. Chances are, if girls think you're cute, guys will as well. It's not a guarantee, but it's better than nothing. You should really just be happy with how you look yourself and not worry so much about what others think. Beauty starts from within and radiates outwards. Not the other way around.

  • well everyone is different so everyone likes different things, things that girls think that are totally cute or pretty can be view totally opposite to guys what guys find totally beautiful girls couldn't agree with... generally we do agree on the same features tho.. but it all comes down to preferences.. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so while everyone say a certain star is pretty I say she's over rated I could think that a girl in my class is way prettier! so yea


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