I don't want to like him but I always find myself liking him. do we like each other?

There is a guy that I've been in school with since the 5th grade. people used to always joke about us liking each other. I've always kinda liked him but until now I've never actually really liked him. we are both now in high school. every time I see him looking at me he has a blank expression on his face with he mouth wide open and his eyes are just looking at me. No your wondering OK what's wrong with hi. we both run in different social groups he is popular and I'm not. he also hunts and I hate hunting. he drives a big truck and I prefer cars better for the environment. you see the problem we are complete opposites. I don't want to like him but I always find myself liking him. do we like each other or is it something else. his friends both male and female kinda make fun of my a little

so now I'm just mad at him and I let him know at every opportunity. according to my friends whenever I not looking at him he is always smiling. every time I think I'm over him he does something cute. grrrrrrrrrrrr!


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  • We can't grab a crystal ball and see what the answer is. If you hang out often, see how he reacts. If you don't hang out, well, try hanging out with him sometimes and see how it goes. So what you're opposites? As long as you don't nag to him about his car or hunting (ok, you can nag about the hunting, I'd do the same), it doesn't matter. As long as you agree on the "bigger" things in life.

    • i think the hunting maybe a deal breaker. I just wish he would make up his mind or move on cz I'm going crazy

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    • i finally made the decision to get over him. just to let him know I was over him I openly flirted with another guy in front of him. he wasn't happy, but I am. thanks for your advice

    • You're welcome! Hope you can get over him now :)