When a guy faces you but avoids eye contact....

What does it mean when a guy faces you, stares at you holding eye contact for like 5 seconds, blushes and smiles, then when you started flirting with him and talking to him it seems like he hates you, he avoids you now, still faces your direction, and avoids eye contact, and doesn't acknowledge you anymore, but occasionally still looks then only holds eye contact for like 2 seconds. Did he change his mind is he over this girl, or what?


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  • Sounds like he's just trying to play it cool.

    When a guy stands directly parallel to you, and his feet point at you, unconsciously he is interested.

    Body language is difficult to read because some people have their own unique postures, go with what your own instincts tell you about his body positioning.

    If he mirrors you (copies your movement or posture), he's interested.

    The lack of eye contact may be because he's unsure of his own feelings?

    Go with your instincts.