How can I tell my boyfriend?

How can I get my boyfriend/to tell him to take more care of his hygiene without hurting his feelings?

I love him dearly and love each inch of him, but it really smells...down there, behind, is so bad I have to turn away...

I don't know if he is aware of it himself or if he just don't care...its little weird because he is busy with the way he look on the hair and his clothing style...

What way would you guys prefer to hear your girlfriend bring up the fact you need to take care of your hygiene? is one way better than another? this is probably a stupid question as I know like the girls says that its really no tactful way to say it, but maybe you guys would know of some subtle ways so he could take the hint? even he hasn't improved after my first attempt


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  • When you take a shower with him offer to wash his body.

    • Lol I did that once but I need him to do this himself, I can't always be washing his body even I would love too :-p

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  • Just flat out tell him. There isn't really a tactful way of bringing this up without hurting his feelings. Not if you want to get the point across anyway. Guys aren't really keen on picking up hints.

    So just tell him bluntly that he needs to wash up down there more.

    • Yes that's probably right there's no way to bring it up tactfully, I just wonder how to find the gut to say it...since he didn't start think about the hygiene more after my first is so bad I really don't know if he uses soap or not at all..