What do girls think if a guy gets their hair colored???

I need to cover up the little bit of gray I have. What do you girls like in men these days? Taking it to the POLL... Thkx, plz l@@k @ my other polls...

  • Let it go gray naturally.
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  • Get a dye job asap!
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  • I don't need to answer the poll to tell you...

    It just doesn't look that great at all. Keep the grey, it's no big issue for me, for others, I don't know but I'll just claim that the salt and pepper look has always been fine with me.

    Secondly, as mean as this sounds, drop the l33t speak. It doesn't suit a man of your age or intelligence.

    Otherwise, salt and pepper = good.


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  • i don't think gray hair on a man is unattractive in any way. if fact, I kinda like it esp in the temples or silvery gray. I don't really care too much for gray facial hair tho. I wouldn't look down on a guy for dyeing his hair tho, its his hair and if he doesn't want to go gray, why not?

  • to me it isn't a an issue either way leave it natural or dye it, it doesn't matter either way, cause I dye my hair so if you want to dye yours go for it

  • I prefer guys to be natural.


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