A girl came to my workplace last night, she was smiling at me and looking at me, but seemed uninterested?

This girl seemed very uninterested as I spoke to her. All I did was let her know that she could stay longer as we had an extended time schedule. How could she be looking and smiling at me all night then be completely uninviting in terms of conversation?


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  • Some people are just friendly, doesn't mean they are into you. I always smile and make eye contact with people. When I'm into someone they get my undivided attention when they speak to me.


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  • Depends on how much she was looking at you. If she looked at you alot, from the sounds of it, then she was probably attracted.


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  • Either she's really shy (but still pleasant) but didn't try to make much of an effort or she was pleasant enough to smile to didn't feel like talking to you (or perhaps anyone else?).

    • She was there with a girl friend. And I am pretty sure she isn't shy as she came to the pool in a bikini and has a lower back tatoo lol I would think that most girls like that are pretty confident

    • I'm guessing she was just being friendly, if not overly interested or was waiting for you to make a move. We'll never know for sure.

  • Well she doesn't owe you some kind of conversation just because she smiled at you, my man.

    • lol truth.

      it would be rude if she just looked at you stonefaced..

    • Lol she sisn't even look

    • "How could she be looking and smiling at me..."