Alright guys what's a bigger turn on?

Looking at your girls face when you're doing what ya do or looking at a different side of things if you catch my deft? My boyfriend says he can not complete the transaction unless he can see my face. I don't think I buy that but I guess that's why I'm asking you.


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  • It differs from person to person immaterial of what sex they are.

    Like every woman has a different perspective to orgasm so does a man.

    What he says is his nature of things and I wouldn't doubt that.

    But yes for me when I look at my woman's face while having sex I get super excited and finish the transaction much faster seeing her expressions of satisfaction. When she wants me to last much longer, I avoid looking at her altogether :)

  • That's gonna vary with the guy and the situation. I'm a big time doggy fan so I like to see her ass. Superficial answer to the question. My apologies if I'm off the mark.


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