A girl told me she is not looking for something serious.

A girl started to talk to me at school, and told me that I am pretty good looking. She then said that is looking for someone to help her with her English. We are in France.

Anyway we hanged out a couple of times, and we had a lot of fun.

and then I was talking to her on the phone and asked her out and she was like yes but I am not looking for anything serious.

She is very busy at school, but I am not sure that is the reason.

So when I go out with her on this date, should I try to kiss her or not ?


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  • If the moment seems right, than go in for the kiss. Don't force it, just let it come naturally. But if the date went goes well, at the end, you can try and suspend the moment of goodbye... make eye contact and then look at her lips, and back up to her eyes. Maybe touch her arm, hand or cheek. Create an intimate moment if you can and see if she reciprocates!

    She could be down to have fun, just maybe not a boyfriend or a serious boyfriend... unless of course she wasn't clear and by nothing serious she meant only a friend to help her with her English. Just go with the flow and if the moment is there, go for it!


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