I kissed him and he looked scared (maybe shocked)? but mostly scared

what's going on?

ok I thought this guy liked me, has for awhile...

i was pretty flaky with him but decided to give it a go.

we said good bye and he looked awkward. kissed me on the cheek. I was ilke wahwtever and leaned in for a kiss. closed lips.

he looked SO SCARED. what's going on? this was last night, I havent' heard from him. no text. is he not interested? he WAS interested, I was pretty darn sure. but what's going gon?


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  • Wow sounds like he is either extremely bashful or weird.seeing you lean in he should have as well


What Girls Said 1

  • it happened to me once. he was just really shy and when I kissed him he was shocked =)

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