Girls: Has a guy ever been able to get away with something because of his looks or actions?

We all know girls can get away with things if they have good looks or can act sexy. But have you girls ever let a guy off the hook because he looked cute or did something adorable?

Now, I'm not hot or anything but apparently I have a babyface and girls at work tell me I'm cute and sweet looking (not bragging or anything)and I've recently discovered that I can get away with a few things by doing adorable things. If I want something from my manager that I'm usually not allowed then I would either flash a smile at her or I might give her a nice big hug and she usually ends up giving in. Stuff like that I use to my advantage. But I don't go too far with it. I still know the limits.

Girls, have you ever let a guy get away with anything because he did something cute?


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  • If they were truly worth it, of course I would let him off the hook, but just being a nice person I would always let him off easy because he is always nice to me! My one guy best friend (sibling- like), who is adorable, I always let him get away with anything because of who he is and what he does for me to keep me happy. Only if their was a way for him to ask me out because he always makes me laugh, blush, and smile; yet when their is another girl around I get quiet and reserved!


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