Would we make an awkward couple?

Ok recently I've had feelings for this guy. I always thought he was cute and what not, and now since I've gotten to know him better (he was in my lab group which last about a quarter of the school year), I like him even more. Usually this isn't a huge issue at all, but I've noticed I like guys who are taller than me but this guy is the same height or maybe a tiny bit taller/shorter (I haven't really made sure of this). Anyways, would I still look okay with a guy my height? Also, I play water polo and I have a big body frame (not fat, just muscular and big) from it and his frame sort of matches mine too. What do you guys think? I don't want to sound shallow at all, I'm just wondering if we would look awkward together.


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  • I know you aren't meaning to sound shallow, but well... you are a little.

    This is one of those questions where perhaps seeing inside the sausage making of a woman's brain is a little too much!

    If you like him, enjoy him...

    (And I hope you can forgive me teasing you... it just made me laugh.)


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  • Who cares. You won't talk to most of the people in high school ever again.

    If YOU like him and YOU can get past it go for it.

  • I don't know, would you? The things you told us wouldn't make me think ''awkward couple''

    • By awkward I meant our height and body frame similarities

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