What to expect at boot camp?

Hi I am leaving for the Marines in like two to three months and I wanna know what is it like? I wanna hear both sides of the ball park the male and the female side if I can! And also what MOS is close enough to the fight if any I am just curious about that one so any ways thank you for your time and please answer this ASAP because I am getting more and more anxious about this! Again thank you for read this and please be respectful of me and other people that answer. Please do not say your crazy for this I know what the risks are but I am willing to take them. OK now with that done I am gonna post!


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  • Calm down. 99.99% of getting through boot is mental. If you decide today you aren't going to quit no matter what, you will be fine. It will be very physical and you need to be prepared for that. You need to focus on running at least 3 miles, walking/hiking at least 10, plus push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups, etc. I believe that Corps still sends women to Parris Island.

    It will be very stressful (goes to the mental thing), they want to see how you react under stress. So be prepared for yelling and sometimes what seem impossible tasks. Your job is to do your best, and know that while in Boot, they are never going to tell you that you have done well... EVER.

    Make sure you can swim. Additionally, you will learn to shoot. "Every Marine is a rifleman" It is a big deal in the Corps, regardless of MOS.

    Hopefully your recruiter has given you things to work and focus on... that is what you should be focused on.

    As far as MOS goes, I no longer know what women can and can't do, but sometimes if you want to get closest to the "action" so to speak, you may consider an MOS that directly supports the infantry. I do believe women can be in Artillery MOS. Anyway, others will no better than I.

    I wish you well.

    • Thank you so much I am gonna be the ONLY female on my dad side of the family going in the corps. I am just gotta get ready my whole family are getting me ready and its crazy in this house at 4 am Lol sorry for that little story but thank you I will work on the mental more and more !

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    • Yes... if your father is a SEAL he can tell you all about BUD/S. That was all mental. You are going to be just fine!

    • yeah it kinda makes me nervous the stories I hear from my two brothers though they are in the Corps to one is recon I all ready said that and the other is just a infantry man just the stories they tell makes me nervous...at least they do the morning run with me that is like 6 miles now

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  • I've had family members who were marines, and stuff. It's just working out all day. Like the gym, but in the cold. But it's extremely rigorous, it is designed to take you beyond your capabilities. Your muscles will be ripped apart, you'll experience unpleasant trembling and rumbling sensations, some spasms, a lot of chronic pain. You'll sweat more than you've ever sweat before. Expect lots of shouting, like, LOTS of shouting, the kinda shouting that gets parents put away. Don't take it to heart. In fact, that will serve you well - try and look for what they're doing. If something upsets you, which something will, consider 'What are they doing this for?', 'Why is this part of the training?' - everything you come across in Boot Camp is going to be training. All your drill sergeants, whatever else, they're all doing everything they're doing to train you for army life. Extreme punishments, being real unfair, that kinda thing is part of the training. Think about why, what's the psychological advantage of doing that to a potential Marine - that's the difference between a Marine and a Lieutenant General.

    Uh... Otherwise, you're going to get all the usual suspects of communal living. Seething hatred, people splitting into two groups or more, rumours, side-taking. Severe emotional damage. And, way waayyyy too personal homoerotic tension. And on top of that everyone is going to be severely sleep deprived and exhausted. Plus, really bad, cold showers, and very little sympathy anywhere.

    It's gonna suck, basically. It is, as much as anything, a test of endurance. The notion I think is to see how you cope under severe conditions. The food you get is the kind of sh*t you'll get if you're stranded in the desert for a week longer than your post. The physical work is what you'll be doing if you're trapped mid-route at the bottom of a quarry or deep into a cave, or in the wilderness, etc. The lack of luxuries are similar to being posted somewhere very desperate and having to travel light. Everything is extremely oppressive and extremely demanding. It is, essentially, a simulated emergency situation.

    This is coming from someone who's never BEEN to boot camp, though. So this is all second and third hand information...

    • Oh, by the way - in regard to the first piece of advice I gave, 'Everything they're doing is to train you for army life' - never, ever fall into the mode of thought that your superiors are Gods. Although everything they're doing is some form of training, it's not pre-planned. As clever as the training is, nothing that you FEEL has already been accounted for. The sergeant knows f*** all more than you, really, other than training. These thoughts are important. A lot of Marines come back with---

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    • My dad told me that too but he was a SEAL and I know there training is much harder 22 weeks I think but he said to read about the disorders that the military can cause

    • Yeah? It's good advice, I think. A bit of prior knowledge on any mental illness can prevent it from taking hold. I was able to cure a bad case of Schizophrenia with nothing but a gram of marijuana and a university medical textbook. Mind over Mind, always.

  • Running, running, running, extremely physical tests, running, running, running, yelling, VERY strict rules/guidelines, running, running etc.

  • MOS close to the fight? Maintenance, supply, drivers, communication, cooks, etc. They all have a vital part in any campaign.

  • By your picture, I can safely say they're going to break you down and make you their bitch


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  • I know this doesn't answer your question. But have faith you can do it! And much respect to you. One of my friends, whose like the sweetest person ever ,joined the marines. I was kind of sh*tting myself, scared for her lol, but she did just fine. Kick boot camp ass (: