How do you reduce oily skin?

Unfortunately my face can get very oily after about 4 hours with make up on or otherwise. It kinda takes my makeup off while I'm at school and even takes some eye shadow off. It gets very frustrating and I don't have the time to take all of my makeup off and reduce it...especially at school. I have tried the oil sheets that gets some of it off temporarily but only for about 30 minutes. On top of that I am one of the many teens cursed with pimple problems so I like to try to hide them with my makeup...(which works some days better than others) I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how they take care of oily skin...or at least some rather quick and effective ways...?


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  • I use cleanser a lot and my moisturizer is suitable to me. you just have to try different recommended brands. generally neutrogena is really good, but I've tried aveeno and they're pretty good.

    clinique has a great line of moisturizers, diet is very important like don't eat too much junk food and make sure you drink lots of water...


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  • A temporary solution to the oiliness would be to get some oil blotters. They absorb excess oil while leaving your makeup intact.

  • honestly..use baby wipes! its worked wonders for me. or ask for 'benzeclin' from your doctor and wear it under your makeup. it dries out your face completely which looks great with makeup.

    • Wow baby wipes?!?!? I would have never thought of that!!! thxs

    • Np! it also works wonders for removing makeup

  • Apply SeaBreeze to your skin after washing it.

    And drink a lot of water. I have the same problem. My skin gets oily if I wear face makeup so I just don't anymore.

    Use a light facial moisturizer. I recommend Aveeno products

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