Will you look at someone intensely if you don't like her/him?

So there's the guy, mostly outgoing and funny, just seem to be shy around me...and there's one time I recall, he and I were in a table distance and I was about to throw the dice and he suddenly entered the scene and was just opposite of me(OMG!) and he asked me what we are doing while looking at me in the eye( quite passionately and intensely)...he looked away before I could answer and looked at the ground...

This is his first time talking to me...or is it? I don't know but his stare was really killing me and...then I gave him the dice and it's like him taking my hand as I was giving him the dice and touched his hand slightly but he didn't react...Anyway the whole thing is just dramatic and...just answer the question above and interpret the phenomenon for me if you can...


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  • Sounds weird. Take the table away. And the dice. Try face to face and not in front of other people. You'll see.

    • That means he's not interested in me? Idk, we bumped into each other a few times too, it was awkward. Either he was surprised or shy, I don't know what the heck he was thinkin'

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  • Haha.Who looked at the ground and what did you mean by ''taking my hand''?

    • he looked at the ground after "talking' to me, and and I put my hand on top of his"kinda", because I;m handing sth to him, rite? but I dun understand lol, if he's talking to me, he should be expecting me to answer before all that looking at the ground drama! He's driving me crazy, you know?

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    • People from HongKong are all of Chinese race right? :)

    • Yesbut other people in hk deny it, and I don't see the point of it, I proudly acknowledge myself as ' hua ren'