I'm a shy sort of girl...whenever he looks at me passing he immediately looks on the ground.

This guy harassed me by touching me while he was sodden drunk at a party 6 years ago,next day he was humble and apologized.hes a bit of tease with girls, never shows an interest in them relationship wise or flirting.sometimes it has been thought he doesn't like them much but nevertheless treats them politely.hes had a harsh childhood,from a poor family and worked very hard to be successful now.he isn't a looker and he probably knows it,but he's extremely competent at his job and respected for it and he definitely knows it.

The thing you obviously have guessed is that I like him. I'm a shy sort of girl...whenever he looks at me passing he immediately looks on the ground,he never fails to do so, what the heck does that mean! Sometimes I'll look at him staring.today I was staring at him and he looked at me and I quickly looked away ( :/) later I saw him looking at me for a bit,but when I saw he quickly looked away too.he never behaves like that with any1 else,socially he acts the same with me as with other girls,laughs,doesn't flirt...i dunno.is it that he thinks I like him and he stares out if curiosity,but looks away to let he know he's not interested,the same maybe for bowing his head (even my friend noticed once) I read in reading body language that people who admire each other tend to copy each others gestures.the other day I non seriously thought to try if there was any truth in it,we were standing in a group listening to a professor.i stepped forward,30 seconds later he stepped forward,i took a step back,some sec later so did he.this cycle happened 3 times before we moved on,i read it was a subconscious action.really sorry for the long post but guys can you please translate.


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  • Awww, someone has a crush! ... Or they're disgusted a large booger that's hanging out of your nasal cavity, but I doubt it's the latter! xD

    Likely finds you attractive, but is too shy to admit it. It's been shown before that someone can be the king of the party with people they feel nothing for, and giggling wrecks with people they like. I've never been like that, but that's due to the whole part-Brixton, part-Croydon, part-Surrey deal :P

    • But why the head lowering? What does that translate into our tongue ;)

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    • thankyou,god knows I'm at sea at why he turns his eyes plus head down,the other day he had to sit next to me on a chair and he turned his back on me and started talking to a friend.

      this is quite confusing,he may want me to feel he's not interested. why do guys talk in martian! :)

    • Alas, aren't men from Mars and women from Venus? xD

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